Hypnotherapy Lincolnshire. Empathic hypnotherapy & counselling.

Welcome to Hypnotherapy Lincolnshire. Hypnotherapy, counselling and psychotherapy are not about me controlling your mind or what you think or even what you do. They are more about enabling you to take control of any emotional and psychological problems you may have. Including anxiety, stress relief, insomnia treatment, low self-esteem, phobia, sexual problems, OCD and jealousy etc. I can not control anyone’s mind or make them do anything against their will, no more than anybody else can. I wouldn’t want to even if I could. My aim is to help you to change your life, as you want to change it. And in the way you would like to change it, with the help of counselling, deep relaxation and positive suggestion.

Hypnosis Lincolnshire

Through deep relaxation and entering a trance state called hypnosis, you can feel different and very often see things differently. This helps you take control of your life or the things that you want to take control of. I can’t change your life but can help you to change it.

Counselling plays a large role in therapy as fully understanding what the client’s problem is and why they may have those problems. How they develop and then being able to convey this to the sufferer can be very therapeutic on its own.

Our problems are mostly caused by a normal reaction to our environment becoming out of control. Fortunately, this can be over come in most cases, with a little bit of help.


Hypnotherapy can help many things including

Low self esteem
Stopping smoking
Sexual problems
Unresolved issues
Obsessive behaviour
Fear of dentists
Panic attacks

Passing exams
Insomnia treatment

Hypnotherapy overcoming problems

You will also see below an offer of a free MP3 hypnotherapy trial session. This is a deeply relaxing hypnosis session lasting about 20 minutes which you can download then put on your MP3 player or burn it to CD. You can then listen to this in private, preferably with headphones on, allowing at least 30 minutes where you are unlikely to be disturbed. This will give you an opportunity to experience hypnosis as it truly is. And may help you to decide if hypnotherapy is for you and could help solve any problems you may have.