Improving Self-Confidence in Lincolnshire

Improving Self-Confidence with the help of hypnotherapy

Self Confidence is how much we believe in our own ability. This can be in many situations. It may be talking in public, meeting people, being able to hold an interesting conversation, making friends. In fact, it can be anything we are liable to do, maybe even playing games or a sport. Improving Self-Confidence can be difficult but in many cases, good counselling and hypnotherapy can help.

It is a feeling, therefore, nothing to do with our actual ability or how we are able to perform. Just how we feel we will perform. We will then go into a situation where we doubt our ability which causes us anxiety and stress. This affects our performance and reinforces those feelings of lack of confidence. We may well find it difficult to talk naturally or to perform to anywhere near our potential because we are so anxious. Then when we find ourselves about to enter the same situation again or about to perform the same task again, we automatically become anxious and stressed. This will then make us feel even less confident and even less likely to perform anywhere near our potential.

It is then likely that our subconscious will find other places where we might lack confidence and the situations will grow where we do lack confidence even in situations where we used to be very confident. Therefore, we build up very negative feelings about our abilities and the cycle is produced of lacking confidence in a situation, becoming anxious, not performing as well as we could do, feeling negative about that situation and therefore reducing our confidence even more.

How can hypnotherapy help us to feel more confident?

Hypnosis is deep relaxation and whilst hypnotised we do feel extremely relaxed and calm. Feeling calm has exactly the opposite effect as feeling anxious. When we feel relaxed and calm we are liable to feel more confident. While hypnotised our subconscious can unlearn anxiety and stress and learn how easy it can feel to be relaxed instead. You can also learn techniques to relax yourself down very quickly at any time, these can be even more effective as they are learnt whilst in such a relaxed state. We can even visualise being in a situation in which we would normally feel uncomfortable and lacking in confidence while feeling extremely relaxed and therefore confident, and our subconscious can learn that we can feel that way in that situation.feeling extremely relaxed and therefore confident, and our subconscious can learn that we can feel that way in that situation.