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Hypnosis Sex Therapy Lincolnshire.

Sex therapy using hypnotherapy, can help most forms of psychological sexual problems. The over importance of physical appearance, Inhibitions, performance and taboos can make something as pleasant, simple and natural as sex so difficult for some people. Although sexual problems are likely to be psychological, it can also be a physical problem. So you should always check with your GP before seeking alternative sex therapy, including hypnosis sex therapy..


Sex Therapy Lincolnshire

Sex is a natural, instinctive act, which nearly every living thing on the planet partakes in. There is nothing complicated about it but we make it complicated. As we have become more sophisticated, we have built up inhibition and taboos. This puts pressure on people to perform and a great importance is put on appearance etc. As we feel under pressure we can feel inadequate and self-doubt can build up. it is no surprise something that is instinctive and so simple then becomes so stressful and difficult. What we think might happen or not happen generally does.

For many different reasons we all have times when things don’t work out quite as we expect during sex . Possibly because of stress, tiredness or being unwell. So the next time we are about to have sex we get anxious about a similar thing happening. And of course being anxious and stressed about something going wrong means it is likely that it will go wrong. Then all the negative thoughts creep in, self-doubt, something is wrong with us, or we are not normal. The more negative we feel the more anxious we feel and the less likely we are to be able to perform. The less we perform the more negative and anxious we become. The cycle develops, therefore, whenever we attempt sex we are stressed and anxious instead of just being relaxed and letting nature take its course. what we believe will happen generally happens and so, sexual problems develops. These problems can often be helped with hypnosis sex therapy.

How hypnosis can help with sexual problems.

overcome sexual problems

Hypnotherapy can be a very effective sex therapy. It can help us to be more relaxed and calm and to learn to be able to relax when we normally become tensed. Through deep relaxation and positive suggestion, we can help change those negative thoughts and feelings into positive ones and we can learn to get in contact with our instinctive side and so just relax and enjoy the moment.

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Case history, sexual problems.

Clive, loss of desire.

When he came to see me Clive was 32 years old and had been working abroad for some time. He would work four to six weeks and then come home for two to three weeks.

For several months he had lost all interest in sex. Understandably, this had become very distressing for both him and his wife. Theirs was a very loving relationship and this was the only problem. In the past Clive had a very healthy sex drive. He couldn’t understand why it had suddenly left him and wanted to know if hypnosis sex therapy could possibly help him.

After talking through his feelings, he started to realise that he had become very anxious that he may not be interested in sex and not be able to perform when he gets home. Even long before he got home from abroad.

The anxiety made him lose interest in sex when he got home. And the fear of not being able to perform made him even more anxious.

Clive came back the next week for a sex therapy hypnosis session. We worked on the anxiety which was the main cause of his sex problem. And help him to focus more on how he used to feel about sex and how he used to look forward to sex.

Clive emailed me a week later. He told me he could not believe the change, he was back to his old self. He admitted he came to me not sure what to expect. He never thought he would lose his problem so quickly.

Some months later his wife came to me with an unrelated problem. She said the change was so great with her husband since having sex therapy hypnosis, that she would like to see if I could help her overcome her problem.