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Sex Therapy Hypnosis Lincolnshire.

Sex therapy hypnotherapy can help most forms of psychological sex problems. The over importance of physical appearance, performance and taboos makes something as pleasant and natural as sex so difficult for some people. Although a sex problem is likely to be psychological, it can also be a physical problem or a symptom of a physical problem. Therefore, it is advisable to check with your GP before having any alternative sex therapy, including hypnosis sex therapy.

Sex therapy

Sex is a natural, instinctive act which nearly every living thing on the planet partakes in. There is nothing complicated about it but we make it complicated. As we have become more sophisticated, we have built up inhibition and taboos. Mankind has found ways of making money out of sex. This puts pressure on people to perform and a great importance is put on appearance etc. As we feel under pressure we can feel inadequate and self-doubt can build up. Is it any surprise something that is instinctive and so simple becomes so stressful and difficult?

For many different reasons we all have times when things don’t work out during sex quite as we expect. Possibly because of stress, tiredness or being unwell. So the next time we are about to have sex we get anxious about a similar thing happening. And of course being anxious and stressed about something going wrong means it is likely that it will go wrong. Then all the negative thoughts creep in, self-doubt, something is wrong with us, or we are not normal. The more negative we feel the more anxious we feel and the less likely we are to be able to perform. The less we perform the more negative and anxious we become. The cycle develops, therefore, whenever we attempt sex we are stressed and anxious instead of just being relaxed and letting nature take its course.

How hypnotherapy sex therapy may help with a sex problem

sex problem

Hypnotherapy can be a very effective sex therapy. It can help us to be more relaxed and calm and to learn to be able to relax when we normally become tensed. Through deep relaxation and positive suggestion, we can help change those negative thoughts and feelings into positive ones and finally we can learn to get in contact with our instinctive side and so just relax and enjoy the moment.