Hypnosis to Stop Smoking in Lincolnshire.

Stop Smoking in Lincolnshire.

For a lot of people the thought of stopping smokingi s quite frightening. There is the fear of overcoming the addiction, the fear of overcoming the habit and of course the fear of changing one’s life dramatically in so many ways. As smoking becomes a part of every facet of our lives.

Stop smoking Lincolshire

Nicotine is an addictive substance, but just how difficult is it to overcome that addiction? With the laws on smoking in public today, smokers often have to go many hours without smoking. Just one example is at work. Smokers may have to wait for two, four or even eight hours before having a cigarette. Amazingly when a smoker can’t have a cigarette for any length of time on a regular basis they get used to it and don’t even think about having a cigarette while they cannot have on but as soon as that time is up and they come out of work they become desperate for a cigarette. This is also true on aeroplanes or in cinemas and theatres so if it was really the addiction that made it so difficult to quit, why is it the smoker can go for so long without a cigarette, very often not missing it at all?

The overwhelming desire to light a cigarette is not just about the addiction part of it, it is the habit. Also smoking becomes part of every aspect of a smoker’s life. It can be an excuse for a break, a reward after you’ve done something, you may smoke to finish off a meal, or have a cigarette whilst having a drink. Even the ritual of buying your cigarettes can be part of it. It is no wonder when something becomes so much part of our life we lack belief in our ability to stop it.

Hypnosis can help to give us that belief through positive suggestion while deeply relaxed. We can overcome the habit and addiction because what we believe we can achieve we will achieve.