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How to overcome anxiety with the help of hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy can be used as a very effective anxiety disorder treatment. Through deep relaxation and positive suggestions, we can learn how to overcome anxiety.

How to overcome anxiety

Is it any wonder that we suffer from anxiety? It is something that we all have and can feel. Like most of our emotions anxiety is instinctive, if we look around at nature we can see it all the time. Wild animals need to have anxiety and as we were once wild animals we too needed anxiety too. If you watch the rabbits feeding in the fields you will see them constantly sniffing the air and listening for danger. Their ears twisting and turning as they listen for every little sound in case there is something round the corner waiting to bite their heads off. Fortunately for us humans, we now live in a very comfortable environment. We live in warm, safe houses and there isn’t really anything that will come along and bite our heads off now. But we still have the instinct to be anxious.

Anxiety disorders can be set off by many things. It could be something very frightening or upsetting happens to us or maybe a series of things that are upsetting of frightening. We can start to feel anxious about everything, we could even feel anxious about being anxious. All that is happening is the instinctive reaction to make us anxious has run into overdrive. However much we tell ourselves there is nothing to be anxious or worried about we can’t stop feeling anxious.

Hypnotherapy anxiety disorder treatment.

anxiety disorder treatment

Whilst in that deeply relaxed state called hypnosis we can learn how to relax and be more relaxed in general. Because when we are anxious, stressed or worried we cannot be relaxed. The reverse is also true, when we are relaxed we cannot be anxious, stressed or worried. We can learn to be and feel another way, calm, relaxed and positive.

Henry Marshall Member of the hypnotherapy association